You Want to be  a Walker! Now What?

Great question! Now comes the most important part of being a walker- getting registered and gathering sponsors. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you do that in the most effective way possible. Start off by registering as a walker online! Then start gathering sponsors! You can use our resources to help you do that. Share these resources in person, or through email and social media. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions! Call 801-612-9293, and ask for Rachel.

Note: the instructions below are for desktop/laptop computers. If you are working from a mobile device, the process should be very similar and easy to follow. If you run into problems on a mobile device, call Rachel at 801-612-9293.


Registering as a Walker/Walker Page Questions (click on each title to download):

 Click Here for Walker Registration Instructions

Troubleshooting Registration Problems

How To Get the Link to My Walker Page

Logging In To My Walker Page Instructions

Editing Your Walker Page

Posting an Update on Your Walker Page


Resources for Gathering Sponsors:

Walker Brochure:

Click Here to download a hard-copy walker brochure. Use it to record sponsor information!


Email Resources(click on each title to download):

Email Subject Lines

Sponsor Raising Email Template

Sending Emails Through FundEasy( your personal walker page)


Facebook Statuses and Resources (click on each title to download):

Sample Facebook Statuses



People love helping you reach a goal- Use the blank thermometer template below to help them see how close you are! 

Click Here to download your blank thermometer!



Click Here for our featured video “Ignite”– Making a choice about how to handle an unexpected pregnancy is difficult. There will be hardships no matter what you decide. But after we’ve made our decision, God is faithful to make beauty from the ashes!


Click Here for our featured video “Dream the Impossible- See the impact one decision can have. Not just on one life, but on many. Give your potential sponsors an idea of what’s at stake when women come to the PCC! 


Click Here for Matthew West’s music video “Untold”-This video packs a great emotional impact! Scared and alone, a woman makes a choice that will determine her future and the future of her child. 


Click Here for our video “Take a Tour of the PCC”-  This video will allow your potential sponsors a chance to see the inside of the PCC! Especially compelling for out-of-state sponsors and those who have never been to the PCC.


Click Here for our “Join the PCC Walk for Life” video– This video is a great introduction to the PCC and the Walk for Life. Quick and easy way to show potential sponsors what they would be supporting!


 Click Here for our “Sweetly Unexpected” Music Video Help your potential sponsors understand what the PCC does in the lives of women in unexpected pregnancies from start to finish! This video gives a wonderful, emotional snap-shot of  God at work through the PCC.


Click Here for our “Happy Mother’s Day, Cathy Fellows” video Is there a mother in your life that you’d like to honor?  Consider asking for pledges as a memorial gift, or as a Mother’s Day present! This video tells the story of a local family who walked in honor of their wife/mother, Cathy Fellows.


Click Here for our “Life Out of Control” Video– Ever wonder what our abortion minded phone calls sound like? Listen in on the PCC end of a client phone call (dramatized)! This video will help potential sponsors see the mindset of some of our clients when they call in.


Click Here for our “Why We Need Ultrasound” Video– As we move toward finishing our medical conversion and adding some medical services (including ultrasounds) to our current programs, we need everyone to understand the impact ultrasound has! This video will help potential sponsors realize the importance of being a medical clinic and inspire them to help make it a reality through their donation!

 Click Here for Step By Step Directions to Share This Video on Facebook

Click Here for Step By Step Directions to Share This Video Through Email


Send Your Sponsors a Thank You (click on each title to download):

Send a Thank You Email to All Your Sponsors At Once



Recording Sponsors Online/Printing Your Sponsor List (click on each title to download):

How To Record Your Sponsors Online

How To Print Your Sponsor List