Every life is precious in God’s sight.  The newly formed, widows, orphans, prisoners, those crushed by injustice, the sick, the defenseless… we are all created in the same image: the image of our Creator.  Today, and every day, let’s celebrate ALL life.

At the PMC’s new medical location, Journey Clinic, we believe that both mothers and their unborn children bear the image of God and are therefore to be cherished.  But “cherished” doesn’t always mean “easy”.  Our nurses and advocates come alongside women and their families when they are facing an unexpected, or an unexpectedly difficult, pregnancy to remind them that the image in which they are created is beautiful, vibrant, and full of God’s love.  Together, when we remember who God made us to be, a positive path forward for our patients is easier to imagine.

You can celebrate life with us!

  • Volunteer! We are looking for medical, patient services, and administrative volunteers.
  • Pray! Sign up to receive our monthly prayer update, Rays of Hope.
  • Share! Share about our ministry so that when a woman finds out she is unexpectedly pregnant she, or someone close to her, knows where she can come to find LIFE and HOPE for herself and her family.
  • Give! Our new building and medical expenses have increased our 2019 budget by $65,000.  Help us reach our financial goals by giving a one-time or monthly gift to the PMC.



Church Resources

“Life is Sacred” video (Password: pmc)

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Other Resources

Volunteer at the PMC – Schedule a time to talk with us about how you can help

Journey Clinic flyer – print this out and post it where people will see it (your gym, coffee shop, grocery store, daycare, church, etc.)

PMC Prayer Requests

Rays of Hope – sign up to receive our monthly prayer update!

Make a donation to the PMC – Donations will help us raise the rest of the $65,000 budget increase from our new medical services and clinic rent.