Baby Supplies

Parent Advocate Program

I’ve chosen to carry my baby full term. Now what?

  • Choose to follow the Earn While You Learn program, or the My Baby & Me program
  • Watch a video and/or discuss child/parent topics
  • Earn free “Boutique Bucks”
  • Shop in our PCC Boutique

Earn-While-You-Learn is a free, incentive-based program with several module choices to equip you with the resources you need to succeed as a parent. Each class you attend, you will receive “Boutique Bucks” to spend on clothing, diapers, and other maternity and baby items.

The other part of our Parent Advocate Program is My Baby & Me, which is a free program with six module choices for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. This program is designed to help women (and men) discover the right parenting choice.

Contact us to help you choose which program is the one for you.