Join us Saturday, October 5 as we celebrate with an evening of encouraging patient stories, inspiring speakers, and a relaxing dinner with friends.

We will share how you can Be A Shelter for women and families in unexpected pregnancies by creating a culture of LIFE here in Utah.  Whether planned or not, finding out that you are pregnant can be overwhelming, scary, and even lonely.  When the pregnancy is unexpected, or unexpectedly difficult, the deluge of fear and uncertainty that a woman might feel can be so crushing that abortion might seem to her like it’s the only option.

At our new medical location, Journey Clinic, we stand beside women and families by providing life-affirming medical, emotional, and spiritual support in early pregnancy.  Join us at Banquet for Life and learn how you can partner with us and Be A Shelter during the storm of an unexpected pregnancy.

Our Speaker: Kirk Walden

Joining us as our speaker is author and former pregnancy help center director, Kirk Walden.

Kirk is the author the The Wall, a book with a powerful life-affirming message that outlines a path to making pregnancy help ministries the first choice for women and families in unexpected pregnancies.

Be prepared for a surprising view on the true impact of pregnancy help ministries in the lives of women and men who are facing a pregnancy they didn’t expect.  If you are ready to create a culture of LIFE in Utah, Kirk brings a powerful message about how we can see a change this generation.

Kirk’s video invitation to Hosts

Kirk’s video invitation to guests