The board and staff of the PMC present our annual Banquet for Life! Join us online for an inspiring evening hosted by Kirk Walden and featuring Steventhen Holland.

  • LEARN how God can use a kind and listening ear at the PMC’s Journey Clinic to make a difference as a woman processes the news of an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Be INSPIRED by our speaker, whose birth mother valued his life enough to fight for it
  • Be ENCOURAGED to ‘Cultivate Hope’ throughout our community
  • Be MOTIVATED to support the PMC’s important work by making a monthly gift or one-time pledge.


Steventhen Holland

The first time Steventhen felt broken was when he was eight years old and he learned that he was adopted. After nearly two decades of wondering why his birth mother hadn’t kept him, he found the heartbreaking and remarkable story of a young woman who fought tremendous obstacles because she valued his life. Steventhen’s story will inspire all of us that God takes brokenness and makes it whole.


Kirk Walden

Joining us again is last year’s host and good friend of the PMC, Kirk Walden. Kirk is an author, former pregnancy center director and one-time professional golfer. Kirk and his wife, Jennifer, experienced not one, but two, late-in-life surprise pregnancies.