the PMC's Journey Clinic

The PMC’s Journey Clinic is a Christian, non-profit, life-affirming community organization that provides medical, emotional and social support for women in early pregnancy. Nurses and patient advocates work side-by side and listen to the challenges, questions and concerns that often arise as a women is finding out about her pregnancy. These personal and confidential services help our patients to find answers about their health, identify personal or community support networks, and help to explore their next steps.

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Evidence-based education about pregnancy options
  • Nurse consultations
  • Ultrasound exams
  • Community, medical and practical resource referrals
  • Support and resources for those in need of healing after a past abortion

We do not perform or refer for termination services

Because Journey Clinic is 100% privately funded, we see patients regardless of their insurance coverage. Medical grade pregnancy tests and limited OB-ultrasound exams help to determine if a pregnancy is developing healthily and give a woman the information and resources she needs to advocate for herself as she seeks ongoing medical care.

Sometimes all it takes to make a difference in someone’s life is a kind and listening ear. Truly listening to someone’s concerns can make them feel seen and validated and give them the strength and courage they need to continue on their Journey.

To make an appointment, call 801.385.7144