Saturday, May 11

8:45 – 9:30 am

at the NEW George Wahlen Park in Roy

Your family can help to provide a “Shelter in the Storm” for a woman who is feeling scared and alone as she faces a pregnancy that she wasn’t expecting.  Whether or not a new mother is happy to be pregnant, the first few weeks of pregnancy can be overwhelming, scary, and even lonely.  When a pregnancy wasn’t part of her plan, the deluge of fear and uncertainty that a woman might feel can be so crushing that abortion seems to her like it’s the only option. 

By gathering pledges and walking in Steps for Life, you will help raise the funds needed to provide early pregnancy diagnosis and consultation services at Journey Clinic, the PMC’s new medical location.  When we can offer a moment of protection from her storm, answer her concerns, and show her God’s love, He can help her to imagine a brighter future.

But Steps for Life is more than just a fundraiser.  When you ask your friends, coworkers, or family members to sponsor your steps for life, you have the opportunity to share about Journey Clinic and the PMC.  If we work together to spread the word, we can help to make sure that when a woman finds out she is pregnant, someone close to her can show her where she can go to find LIFE and HOPE for herself and her family.

Will you put feet to your convictions and join us for Steps for Life?

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