Journey Clinic Nurse Manager

Posted 12 months ago

Click here to fill out an online application for this position. Applications are due to the PMC as soon as possible.

Objectives of the position: The director of Clinic Nursing is responsible for overseeing medical services to patients and performing ultrasound scans. This is a permanent position.

Reports to:     Executive Director (ED), Medical Director

Supervises:    The director of clinic nursing oversees the Journey Clinic medical volunteers.


  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and who faithfully attends church.
  2. Be Biblically qualified to provide spiritual leadership, support, and encouragement. 
  3. Exhibit strong commitment to the Sanctity of Human Life.
  4. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Principle, the Statement of Faith, the Commitment to Care, Employee Acknowledgement and the policies of the center.
  5. Be committed to the PMC ministry.  Be self-motivated, dependable, responsible and an excellent team player.
  6. Exhibit excellent skills in interpersonal communication, problem solving, and Biblical conflict resolution. 
  7. Exhibit excellent organizational and time management skills. 
  8. Be able to initiate and carry out responsibilities with minimal supervision.        
  9. Comply with all policies and procedures of the Clinic & Center.
  10. Be willing to complete Patient Advocacy training when required.
  11. Be willing to complete additional training as required.
  12. Have experience as a volunteer in a ministry.
  13. Have experience in a position involving management of volunteers or employees.
  14. Be a licensed R.N., P.A., Nurse Practitioner, or C.N.M in good standing with the Utah State Medical Board.


  1. Preferred experience in OB/GYN and/or ER.
  2. Preferred experience with HIPPA and OSHA regulations.
  3. Preferred familiarity with Microsoft Office.
  4. Basic competence in medical Spanish is a plus.
  5. Experience with performing ultrasounds is a plus.


  1. Management: (Oversight, Training, Medical Organization Relations)  
  2. Oversee nursing & medical services in clinic ensuring compliance to and Journey Clinic Policies and pregnancy help center best practices
  3. Work collaboratively with Clinic Director, Executive Director and Medical Director to implement and evaluate the medical department’s policies, goals, and objectives.  Work to achieve the PMC’s annual vision goals. 
  4. Participate in planning, development, assessment and modification of center’s programs.
  5. Ensure compliance with OSHA & HIPPA guidelines.
  6. Serve as Medical Safety Officer. 
  7. Prepare and oversee ongoing projects/training to fully utilize the nurses’ time when they are not seeing patients or doing continuing education.
  8. Continually debrief with medical volunteers, Patient Advocates, Clinic Director and Medical Director regarding patient care.
  9. Review medical portion of patients’ charts, (CD also reviews Director of Nursing’s medical portion of patient charts.)  
  10. Conduct periodic/annual reviews and written evaluations of medical volunteers.
  11. Collaborate with Admin Coordinator (AC) & CD to recruit qualified medical volunteers
  12. Collaborate with CD to train qualified medical volunteers
  13. Collaborate with CD & ED to plan medical organization community relations related to Journey Clinic that will acquaint area medical providers, increase referrals and make connections for services needed with patients. Implement the steps of the plan to increase awareness, referrals to Journey Clinic and connections for us to refer patients.
  14. Oversee patient contact hours for nurses to assist in meeting requirements for UT state licensure.
  15. In conjunction with the Medical Director, provide annual CPR review, infection and control regulations reviews, and in-services for staff and appropriate volunteers.
  16. Maintain inventory and submit orders for medical supplies and equipment to AC.
  • Ultrasound Exams-
  • Successfully complete the Pregnancy Medical Clinic Specific Ultrasound Training program and receive ongoing coaching from an RDMS trainer.
  • Ongoing Training
    • Interface with US reading physician, RDMS trainers, Medical Director, Clinic Director and Executive Director to achieve the highest medical standards for Journey Clinic’s ultrasound exams
    • Follow ongoing training protocols
  • Performing Exams
    • Perform US exams for patients, complete all written and computer records
    • Submit US exams to the US reading physician(s)
    • Consult with US reading physician by phone & text for instructions regarding immediate patient concerns shown in US exams
    • Work with Clinic Director & ED to manage complete and timely US exam reading process to conform with clinic’s policies, protocols, and procedures
  • Medical Testing- Assist Medical Director (MD), CD, ED to formulate and establish policies, procedures, and protocols for testing services including STD and other potential pregnancy related testing.  Do and train nurses on blood draws.  Work with team to train and oversee staff on all testing services.  Work with MD continually oversee quality control, and best practices for all personnel
  • Professional Development:
  • Maintain and keep documents required for CME and current professional licensure in Utah.
  • Gain increasing knowledge of management, obstetrical, gynecological care and patient health issues.
  • Works as a team member with the rest of the clinic staff, helping as directed by Executive Director wherever there is a need, time permitting.
  • Help represent the clinic in the community.
  • Regularly review pregnancy help clinic webinars/materials for ongoing training.
  • Pay careful attention to self-care, talking with Clinic Director about a self-care plan.
  • Clinic Nurse Patient Care: (When volunteer Clinic Nurses are not available)
  • Meet with patient and review patient instructions for medical services and testing
  • Record and review patient medical history.
  • Place physician order and exam report in patient chart.
  • Provide support for other medical staff and volunteers, including chaperoning exams when needed.
  • Meet with patients after ultrasound exams to answer medical related questions.
  • Maintain accurate records and follow-through on physician’s orders
  • Maintain a working knowledge of nursing methods, principles, and practices in relation to the prevention and treatment of disease, and medical safety and infection control.

Be willing to learn and perform miscellaneous other duties as requested by the ED and/or CD.

The Director of Clinic Nursing will have regular, written job performance reviews with the Executive Director every 30 days for the first 6-12 months.  Verbal coaching and written reviews with the Executive Director will continue periodically and annually thereafter.  

Click here to fill out an online application for this position. Applications are due to the PMC as soon as possible.

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