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Objectives of the position: The Events Coordinator (EC) is responsible for assisting the Funds Development committee, and Executive Director (ED) by implementing the plans for the fundraising events of the PMC (Pregnancy Medical Clinic) and implementing the plans for the media of the PMC.   Major duties involve organizing work to be done, recruiting & training event volunteers, assisting in developing and with implementing event plans/task lists, monitoring the ongoing progress of the event team on event plans & tasks, maintaining PMC project programs with specific information on how things were accomplished, event follow up and tasks, documentation, preparing the evaluation of the events, & proposing updates to event plans & tasks. The EC will work 40 hours per week. This is a permanent, full-time position. 

Reports to:    Executive Director, Funds Development Committee of the PMC Board 

Supervises:  Event Volunteers 


  1. Being a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Being qualified to provide spiritual leadership, support, and encouragement. 
  2. A strong combination of many or all the spiritual gifts of: Administration, Helps, Hospitality and Service.   
  3. Being self-motivated, dependable, and responsible. Balancing between being a self-starter and not being afraid to ask questions to receive further direction. 
  4. Exhibiting excellent interpersonal, organizational, networking and word processing abilities. 
  5. Ability to focus on details, prioritize and meet deadlines.  
  6. A strong commitment and dedication to the Life Affirming position. 
  7. Experience in general management of volunteers. 
  8. Being comfortable delegating, working with and following up with team members. 
  9. Ability to lead volunteers/teams to handle conflict in a Biblical manner.  
  10. Proficiency with computers, e-mail, texting, videos, social media, and online communications.   
  11. Agreement with and willingness to uphold the Statement of Principle, the Statement of Faith, and other policies of the PMC. 
  12. Willingness to attend any required training.   

Major Responsibilities: Spiritual Formation 

1.  Facilitate your own continued spiritual growth to become a well-rounded, emotionally healthy Christian leader.

2. Facilitate the spiritual growth of those you supervise.  

Major Responsibilities: Event Management

1.  The EC’s responsibility for annual fundraising events will start with: Steps for Life, Banquet for Life, and later with the additional events of Celebrate Life Week, the CFC campaign, and the Year End Appeal.

2.   Ongoing training on each aspect of the events from the Executive Director and/or Event Team Members. 

3.   Train on the existing event plans, budgets & task lists.  

4.   Organize implementation of the event plans and tasks.

5.   Recruit event teams and volunteers (with input from Executive Director and staff.)

6.   Direct successful implementation of the event.  Coach, encourage, assist, and problem solve with team & volunteers.

7.   Utilize the PMC’s “7 Steps of Management” process to monitor the ongoing progress of the event team on intermediate goals, plans & tasks, and take any corrective actions necessary to make sure that the plans remain on track. Report progress daily/weekly to the Executive Director/Event Team. Coordinate with ED to insure completion of all tasks by deadlines.  

Major Responsibilities: Donor Data Base Maintenance

1.   Train on using the Cool Focus donor database program. Learn and train volunteers on Cool Focus, including the specific manuals of how the PMC uses Cool Focus. 

2.   Capture event related contact information on volunteers and donors.

3.   Keep all Cool Focus data base information updated, record notes of all interactions with donors & volunteers in database.

4.   Utilize the data base to maximize participation in each event. 

5.   Assist the ED and admin, donor & church relations teams in maximizing the relationship with monthly donors and churches.  

Major Responsibilities: Media Management

1. Receive focused training from Care Net, Christian non-profits, and secular sources on maximization of relationships with donors and potential donors through various media. 

2.   Work with ED to develop annual communication plans for constituent groups by media. 

3.   Collaborate with the Marketing team on maximizing efforts across all media.    

Responsibilities: Administrative Tasks

  1. Assist the ED and Admin Coordinator daily with general PMC administrative tasks as assigned.   

The Event Coordinator will work 40 hours per week including occasional evenings and weekends for special meetings/events.

Applicants should have a good working knowledge of:

Microsoft Windows and Office programs

It would be beneficial for applicants to have a working knowledge of the following additional types of software programs: 

Microsoft Publisher

Graphics programs

Donor and/or Fundraising Tracking Programs

Event Management Programs

Email & texting platform programs

QuickBooks Responsibilities may also include other duties as assigned by the ED.  

The Event Coordinator shall receive written & oral reviews every 30 days for 6 months and annually thereafter by their supervisor, the Executive Director

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