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13 Reasons Why Suicide is Not the Answer – Part 4

(Note: This post is the last of a four-part series. Previous – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)


Reason #10: Use resources out there

I could not have been healed without the many resources out there. There are so many self-help books, counselors, therapists, friends, mentors, doctors, and spiritual advisors that are available to you. You are not alone and you have access to so many tools to change how you feel, the direction of your life, and to grow. Take a step today. Begin with a visit to a doctor to determine if you suffer from depression. 90% of people who die by suicide have a diagnosable mental illness. This is treatable. Once you have that under control, choose another resource: a book or a mentor (someone who has been where you are and has overcome). The choices are limitless. The trick is to choose one and do it.

Reason #11: There are those who do love you

Whether you can see it right now or not, there are people out there who love you and are rooting for you. It’s hard to see when you are under a dark cloud, but they are there. I look back and can see the many who did care, although at that time I didn’t know. They are there, and they want to help.

Reason #12: The ones who love you will be scarred for life

I have a dear friend whose daughter committed suicide leaving behind a brother and a sister. All three of those lives have been scarred. My friend suffers for a week every year during her daughter’s birthday and the day she took her life. It does not get easier. Ever. The brother and sister turned to destructive behaviors and still struggle to this day. They do get better each year, but the pain of her absence never goes away.

Suicide doesn’t end the pain, it transfers it.

If not for you, then stay alive for those who love you. Your life is important to them. Your life can be important to you, whether you can see it right now or not.

Reason #13: There is another option

Do you want to commit suicide?

Then stop right where you are and consider other options. You can have a better life and a life that is worth living. A life where you are confident and happy. I promise that what you are feeling today will change over time when you choose a different path and get the help you need. You are not alone, and you are worth it.

Download the Safe UT app to contact someone through chat, text or a phone call.

If you or someone you know wants to end their lives, just click on one of the resources offered below and begin a new journey of hope. All of the following resources are free and confidential.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
(800) 273-8255

 Suicide Prevention Services of America
(800) 273-8255

Volunteer Firefighter Alliance
(844) 550-4376 (HERO)